VG Consulting Help Secure Consent for 4MW Biomass Scheme for CCC Waste

VG Consulting Help Secure Consent for 4MW Biomass Scheme for CCC Waste

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Energy management is fast becoming a strategic decision within the boardroom. A desire to drive business and wider community sustainability has many embracing renewable technology.

CCC Waste Management based in Kirby, Liverpool, is a business that embraces the advantages that renewable technology offers. VG Consulting is delighted to have played a pivotal role in the business as it takes the necessary steps forward with onsite energy solutions.

CCC Group comprises CCC Aggregates, CCC Skip Hire and CCC Waste Recycling and is a leading recycling and waste management company, that has operated since 1986.

As part of the company’s waste management policy, procedures and aspirations, the business is installing 4MW of biomass boiler systems with an integrated drying floor. With the biomass boilers being fuelled with Grade A/B waste wood, the business can look forward to a sustainable future.

The total investment for the project will see the business spend upwards of £2M.

Sean Munro, Director of CCC Group, commented, “Throughout our history, sustainability and the environment has always been a driving factor for us. We assist many organisations with environmentally aware processes in waste management as it’s important for us to have the same aspirations”.

Sean added that the system is part of the vision for the future of the business by informing, “Of course this is a substantial investment and after due diligence we realised that this approach will add value to our operations, our customer base and the wider community now and for the future. We are a business recognised for continued investment in new technology, machinery and staff and with our energy investment now, we are adding competitive advantage for us and our customers.”

VG Consulting was approached to partner with the project planning consultant, LJ Architecture and provide environmental support. We addressed various service areas including biodiversity, acoustic, land and minerals, air quality and waste management surveys to support the planning application. We added value to the proposal by advising on legislative procedures, and provided confidence during the submission process.

VG Consulting Managing Director Dave Anderson commented on the consent success and project by saying, “We admire the desire by CCC Waste to take a long term strategic view of their energy demand. The partnership with CCC Waste and LJ Architecture throughout the process led to the consent success. The business placed trust in our experience and our services and we coordinated closely with all parties to ensure a robust application and reporting process was followed.

Although the local Parish Council raised concerns, VG Consulting was able to respond with detailed answers within the proposal. Initial objections are common within renewable energy developments, housing, or commercial builds, but VG Consulting understand the concerns and answer them directly. Delivering planning submissions that meet criteria and present open communication throughout, gives all parties insight to make informed decisions.

The application was presented at planning committee on the 12th of April where it was unanimously approved. This consent success goes to prove the feasibility of the project and our robust service approach.

Following consent, the next steps are to supply and install four Heizomart biomass boilers and the Wellvent drying floor, which will be performed by technology partners VG Energy.

We congratulate CCC Waste on the consent of the project and their approach to sustainability, and wish them every success for the future.

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We will keep you updated on project progress over the coming months and if you wish to discuss taking control of your commercial energy, speak with our advisers on 01563 829 999.

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