Community to Benefit from Wind Turbine Planning Approval

Community to Benefit from Wind Turbine Planning Approval

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VG Consulting is delighted to bring news that we have supported the journey for Netherton Farm to successfully gain planning approval to develop and construct a 76M wind turbine.

The wind energy project, a development being part funded by Local Energy Scotland as part of CARES (Community and Renewable Energy Scheme), has seen strong backing from the local community. With an annual payment no less than £10,000 per megawatt (MW) of installed capacity - which would currently equate to £9,000 towards the local community, across its 20 year lifespan – this development is a welcomed revenue addition. Although there are many aberdeenshire council planning applications, this development met criteria on many levels.

The beneficiary, Fisherford Community Association who will manage the fund, welcomed the approval decision by Formatine Area Council Planning Committee on the 21st March 2017.

The development had gathered press coverage with Press and Journal Aberdeenshire publishing articles prior to and post planning approval decision. As with any wind energy turbine project, some objections were raised, although with our wind turbine planning guidance the success of the planning process was highlighted by the press “VG Consulting worked with the Council to refine the development and design it to be suitable to its location and surroundings." This was an integral part to planning success and we ensured transparency for everyone, whilst conducting project design that answered any concerns raised.

Amanda Swan, VG Consulting Planning and Environmental Consultant said, “This was a development which we recognised from early stages stacked up. Our renewable energy planning and environmental experience, along with extensive knowledge of the CARES scheme proved advantageous to this project.”

Amanda Swan continued, “Many wind turbine energy projects may be viable, but the critical element is having a team that understand what is required to take a project from being a feasible option - to planning approval, site and construction management and fully operational wind turbine delivering revenue.”

“I am encouraged that the decision to consent this project by Formatine Area Council Planning Committee proves that our team’s approach and strategy shows wind energy is still a valuable technology within the energy mix.”

Dave Anderson VG Consulting Managing Director was equally encouraged by the decision, informing, “The important thing here is that this project delivers three fold; community revenue benefit, energy independence for Netherton Farm and another renewable energy development, offsetting carbon and assisting with Scottish Government objectives for a ‘cleaner, greener’ Scotland. When you bring these elements together and design the project to meet criteria, it becomes simpler for awarding committees to recognise the value.”

Netherton Farm wind turbine project will now move forward to phase 2 with site preparation and turbine build out, so we will keep you up to date with progress.

If you are considering a wind turbine project and would like advice from our planning and environmental team, call 01563 829 999 or alternatively email

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