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From single service support to A Smarter Plan - reactive or planned. We've got your project planning and environmental requirements covered.

VG Consulting’s services assert value throughout our client relationships. Each individual service is a reflection of our core values to deliver expertise to clients at every stage of our relationship, share our sector and service knowledge and support your development journey. Engaging with an outsourced service provider is all about adding value. We ensure a seemless flow of how we integrate our services to your plan and your team. Individually, our service provision tackles build project challenges and legislation challenges. Used collectively, we help you leverage advantage by making better decisions.

In each of our divisions, we have a wide range of experience within Planning and Environmental Services. Whether you require our comprehensive Smarter Plan or a one-off service provision - reactive or planned - our partnership approach collaboratively delivers objectives, budgets and timeframes.

Operating throughout urban and rural locations, as well as varied scales and demands of projects, our comprehensive services have supported sectors including; renewables, housing, local authorities, telecoms and commercial development.

From environmental planning reports to Class A acoustics services, from roadway and traffic management plans to ecological clerk of works, we deliver the insight, project sustainability and mitigation of challenges you need by working as your planning and environmental service partner.

Explore our specialist service divisions value below. Our advisers can guide and support your decisions. Call 01563 829 999.


  • Extended Phase 1 Habitat Surveys
  • Ecological Clerk of Works (ECOW)
  • Protected Species Surveys
  • NVC Surveys


  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Background Noise Assessment
  • Noise at Work Survey
  • Sound Insulation Test
  • Noise Complaints

Planning Applications

  • Planning Applications
  • Planning Appeals
  • Screening Opinions
  • Scoping Opinions
  • Planning Committee Representation

Roadway and Traffic

  • Swept Path Analysis
  • Speed Surveys
  • Traffic Counts
  • Traffic Noise Surveys
  • Visibility Splays
  • Road Dilapidation Surveys

Landscape and Visual Impact

  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment
  • Landscape Assessment
  • Photomontage Creation
  • Zone of Theoretical Visibility
  • Residential Amenity Assessment

Cultural Heritage

  • Archaeological Watching Brief
  • Heritage Assessments
  • Written Scheme of Investigation
  • GIS Mapping and Analysis
  • Archaeological Excavation


  • Planning Applications
  • Full Scope Environmental Assessment
  • Project Management
  • Grid Connections
  • Technical Advice and Support


  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Surface Water Run-off Calculations
  • Design of Sustainable Drainage Systems
  • Liaison with SEPA

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